The family

The family

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Four More Years

It's Our Anniversary

We've survived four years, yay - we have something in common with presidents.  We did four years of hard time.  Actually the time wasn't hard and it has been great.  We've done 7 years of being together and now our years married have past the years we were not married. Not bad if I say so myself.  

Each year we do something small for our anniversary.  

Year 1.  We took a gondola ride through Little Naples, a neighborhood in Long Beach with a beautiful canal . A company called  Gondola Getaway, offers romantic rides through the canal. We ate at Micheal's on Naples, a lovely little restaurant around the corner from the gondola ride. We took a tour of Dodger Stadium the next day, (we actually got to witness and assist in a surprise marriage proposal - yes, the lovely woman who was asked said yes as they stood at home plate on the Dodger's field).  We also hung out in Westwood and had faloodeh  (this is when I tried it for the first time and became hooked on it).


Tacheen & Grits Tacheen
For a gift I got a nice recipe book on Persian cooking and it is one of my favorite cookbooks still to this day.  My husband brags about my tahdig, tacheen and Persian rice cooking skills.

(By the way, the third picture is a picture of my cooking...the top is tacheen and the bottom is my special made recipe called grits tacheen.  It is the grits, sausage, hash-browns, in a tacheen form with a nice egg on top.  I wanted to fuse  American food with Persian food to represent  our family which is a mixture of the two. That is a post for another day, that is one of our lovely sweet Sunday brunches. *The grits tacheen is not from our year one celebrations*)

We did a lot for our year one anniversary as it should be. If you are newly wed and fresh into the first year I encourage you to celebrate the first anniversary with a bang.

Year 2. We had dinner at Mastro's, (my mouth is watering just thinking about butter cake) and we spent it celebrating with friends at a day party called the Do-Over.  I have pictures of the good times but I don't want to extend this with million of pictures. (There is a whole lot about this I am leaving out but, this blog has many times for flashback stories.)

Year 3. We had dinner at Orange Hill, it is a restaurant on a hill (of course) with a beautiful view in Orange, CA.  It overlooks the city of Orange and it is very romantic.  From there we went to see a movie called Fumio Demura - The Real Miyagi , it is a documentary about the real guy  - Fumio Demura - he is the man whom the character, Mr. Miyagi was inspired after in the Karate Kid movies. The documentary is awesome...check it out when you can.  I am sure you'll like it.

This year....what will it bring...

well we are planning on having dinner and a movie... (simple  right, except the fact that we are dressing up in character for the movie... yeah, you are probably wondering what movie....hmm... oh don't worry, there will be pictures.  Plus, we also have a few other things planned for the weekend)

I am planning on reporting about our enjoyment later as our perma-honeymooners adventures unfold for the weekend.

For example, our restaurant tonight is called James Republic , a place where they update the menu daily according to what they buy at the farmers market.

Very hipster-ish but sounds amazing, we don't even know what options we will have to eat but I am sure we will take lots of pictures and enjoy it.

When reflecting on the previous years,  I don't think I would have this much fun being married to anyone else so I am happy for the blessing of having the husband I was gave by God.

I am sure year number four will be just as and even more amazing than the first 3 years. I hope we are able to keep you entertained!!!

Until then...thanks for reading and coming along for the ride.

xoxo from The Afrasiabi Group

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