The family

The family

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Welcome - Hello World

I am a dork... I always start off a new blog with Hello World. with that being said... Hello World.

Welcome to my blog about life through love and infertility (as if we need another blog on that).

Welcome to my blog about everything that doesn't involve infertility as we go through infertility.

I'll post links to our Go Fund Me, and I update on breakdown, heartaches of another failed cycle, the times when I hate taking this medicine or that.  But those post will be few and far in between, except the Go Fund Me post...I mean IVF's just don't pay for themselves..

if you are curious about this GFM I keep talking about here is the link.  (ps. today is $10 Tuesday, feel free to donate $10 dollars if the spirit moves you)

But beside that, I want this page to be about us as a couple, living near a beach and doing fun things. About my need to go to Palm Springs, or visit the eastern part of Southern California (or as you call it Vegas).  It will be about how I am leading a campaign to keep the Chargers in San Diego, and about food.  Our sweet Sunday breakfast in bed days and my hybrid recipes like grits tacheen.

Anyways...welcome and I hope you stick around for a few.  Come snoop into the lives of a couple who is striving to always be in the honeymoon stage aka perma-honeymooners.

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