The family

The family

Friday, August 21, 2015

Some of Me, Some of You, Some of We

Losing tickets at Del Mar race track, people rip them up and throw them over the ledge.

One lovely thing about marriage is that there are things you introduce to each other to that were once just "your thing", that soon become "our thing".

This weekend we are thinking about doing "our thing".

My thing is beer and jazz music, he will participate in attending jazz concerts, and he'll go visit a brewery because I am excited to taste their beer. Still it isn't something he gets excited about or would do on his own.

His thing is drum and bass music and futbol, I'll watch a futbol game with him and I'll attend a DnB show for him and enjoy the music.  Still it isn't something I get excited about or would do on my own.

Our thing that we always could relate on was hip-hop culture and rap music....we don't have to convenience each other when it comes to an event that involves that.

It is nice when we can discover new things to become "our thing".

Like horse racing is one that we learned to like together.

I am not a gambling type of girl, always feel like I rather buy shoes than give it to a machine or a blackjack dealer.

My husband on the other hand, he tells stories of his Vegas "I lost my rent money, not sure how I will get back to L.A." days.

He is responsible now and considerate since he has a wife. Now when we go to Vegas our highlight of the weekend becomes what restaurants we tried out.

I sometimes feel bad that he doesn't get to gamble like he would enjoy or use to enjoy because he is always thinking about me and doesn't want me bored while he lives in a casino all day. Plus he can't go back to the days of losing it all in Vegas since his decision don't affect just him and he is a man who is not selfish, so he always tries to thinks about us first.

So when we were invited to take a trip down to Del-Mar for the horse racing it sounds like an exciting thing to do.  I had never been to a horse racing track and he had never been to Del Mar (he has bet on horses before).  He bet on horse racing before but never really knew enough about it to place good bets or was that into it to want to go on a random day or two.  I knew of nothing about horse racing except that the horses have some unique names at times and that women wear big hats to the track (I never have and probably won't in the future do the hat thing, just not my type of thing).

So when I first started learning he taught me the basic on how to place a bet, other than that I had no method for what horse to choose. So I would bet on the names I liked, I seen other people do it and have success with that way. Somehow for me, picking names always ending up with a lost.

So I got serious and started to read the stats on the horses and jockeys and I started to watch the horse as they walked before the race when they show them.  All of a sudden, I was winning and watching horses run and screaming for mines to be number 1.  Everything became exciting ....

Yeah,.... who knew I'd like horse racing.

So on one hand, now my husband gets to gamble a little and I tend to bet on a horse or two as well. But I just like the excitement of picking a horse and watching him/her run and try to be first regardless of if I place money or not.  I pick out my favorites to win even if I don't place a cash bet cause I still enjoy seeing that horse win even if I didn't spend money.  My husband gets to gamble and I get to be entertained, and we both get to do something together that we equally enjoy the same.

Del Mar Race Track

There is a place called Sammy's, close to our jobs (our jobs are pretty close to each other). So sometimes when he works on the weekend, we make it a plan to have lunch there afterwards and watch a few races.

 It is always a pleasure to win a few of the races, it is a good day when we can win enough to where we can spend our winning on the lunch we ate.

In order to be perma-honeymooners, a rule to remember is --- it's never to late to find new things to enjoy doing together.

Cheers to date weekends and cheers to having an "our thing" to enjoy together.

Love & xoxo

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